what do experienced housewives do in this case?

After washing, the down jacket has lost its shape: what do experienced housewives do in this case?


02/12/2024 15:21

Down jackets are essential clothing during the cold winter months, providing warmth and comfort when outdoors. However, this wardrobe item has its own care requirements, and many are faced with the problem of losing fluff after washing.

How to properly wash a down jacket: Before washing, fasten all buttons and zippers, and then turn the jacket inside out. It is recommended to choose a temperature of 30 degrees and use manual or delicate washing mode. High speeds should be avoided.

Some housewives advise adding green tennis balls to the wash to prevent too much fluff from pilling up.

Rules for drying a down jacket: The jacket should be dried flat out in the open air or in a well-ventilated area. It is important to avoid proximity to heating devices. It is not recommended to dry the down jacket in the bathroom, as humid air can negatively affect the condition of the down.

Regular shaking and straightening of the down jacket every 3-4 hours will help maintain its shape. It is important not to leave the jacket to dry for more than 48 hours to avoid shrinkage of the down.

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