What is DLSS and why is it so important for games?


12/30/2023 21:33

Nvidia’s DLSS, or deep learning for graphics performance, is controversial. However, in fact, it is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the gaming experience. This technology is especially useful for owners of RTX graphics cards, which are already supported in more than 500 games.

However, in fact, DLSS is a powerful tool that significantly improves performance and frame quality, but only if you have an RTX graphics card and support from the games. Currently, RTX technologies, including DLSS, are already supported in a large number of games and applications, which increases the chances of using them.

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a neural rendering that analyzes frames and increases their resolution using artificial intelligence. It’s not just about scaling up; DLSS adds detail that is not available with standard scaling.

There are several versions of DLSS, including DLSS 2, DLSS 3, and DLSS 3.5. New features such as frame generation and improved ray tracing expand the capabilities of the technology.

Why do players need this? DLSS significantly improves performance. For example, in Cyberpunk 2077, when using DLSS, the frame rate in 4K resolution can increase significantly. This could be key for those who prefer high frame rates.

In addition, DLSS can improve image quality, making it more detailed, especially in fine areas. For example, DLSS 3.5 significantly improves the clarity of ray tracing, making light more natural and reflections more realistic.

While DLSS does have some limitations, such as possible latency issues in certain situations, overall the technology provides significant benefits that should be used in games.

Author Teymur Zeynalpur

Teymur Zeynalpur is a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru, a 2nd year student at the Russian State University. A.N. Kosygina

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