what plants are best not to keep in the house

Dangerous house flowers: which plants are best not to keep in the house


03/25/2024 00:31

Some well-known houseplants have been shown to be toxic and pose a danger to grow indoors. Experts warn Russians about this.

Among the dangerous plants, Dieffenbachia is mentioned, the juice of which is poisonous to people and pets. Monstera is also a subject of caution due to the content of harmful substances in its leaves that can cause burns upon contact with the skin. Experts recommend avoiding placing this plant in the bedroom or children’s room, as it can degrade air quality and sap vital energy.

Primrose is also not recommended for growing at home. Flowering plants are best kept outdoors as they can release toxic substances that can cause vomiting and dizziness.

Azalea is also dangerous due to its andromedotoxin content. This substance is present in the flowers, stems and especially in the leaves of the plant. After swallowing even a small leaf, a person may experience vomiting, increased blood pressure and depression of the central nervous system. In addition, the flower can cause allergic reactions.

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