what spices go with what?

Avoid mistakes when using aromatic herbs in soups: which spices go with what


03/25/2024 15:34

Whether you’re a fan of hearty, rich soups or light broths, you still can’t do without spices. The right combination of herbs and spices opens up endless possibilities for culinary experiments. So, what herbs go especially well with soup?


Thyme adds a subtle, earthy flavor. Suitable for tomato soups, chicken soups, French onion soup. For the dish, use a teaspoon of dried thyme or a tablespoon of fresh.

Bay leaf

Bay leaves are a popular herb used in soups. Bay leaves have a slightly sweet, floral flavor with a hint of bitterness. It is not eaten, but added at the very beginning to give the broth flavor, then thrown away.


Rosemary has a strong pine aroma. An excellent addition to potato soups, lentil soups, and beef stew.


Sage leaves add sweetness, ideal for creamy soups, meat and vegetable soups.


This humble herb is often used in salads, but parsley goes well with almost any dish.


Tart and citrusy, cilantro is often used in Mexican or Asian soups.


Dill has a tangy, slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with Middle Eastern dishes and creamy soups such as potato or fish. In general, dill is a fragrant and healthy herb.


Fresh basil imparts a sweet, slightly spicy flavor that is often used in tomato or Italian vegetable soups such as minestrone.

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