What’s that strange noise? Why does a child grind his teeth at night?

What’s that strange noise? Why does a child grind his teeth at night?


02/12/2024 12:41

Implant surgeon Magomed Dakhkilgov covers the causes of teeth grinding in children. Often Russian parents blame parasites, especially worms, for this phenomenon. However, the doctor claims that this is far from true. First, Dakhkilgov explains the essence of pathological teeth grinding. Bruxism is the uncontrolled clenching of the jaw caused by excessive tension in the chewing muscles, resulting in teeth grinding and grinding.

The doctor further notes that bruxism is the third most common problem in children after caries and periodontitis. Teeth grinding may indicate problems with the dental-jaw apparatus or nervous system.

The main periods of occurrence of bruxism in children occur in two time intervals: from one to five years, when baby teeth erupt, and from 13 to 18 years, after the appearance of permanent teeth. The doctor explains that the causes of teeth grinding in children are not fully understood, but the main theory is related to disruption of the functioning of neurons in the brain stem, which leads to pathological mobility of the temporomandibular joints.

Insufficiently timely treatment of bruxism can lead to insomnia, sleepwalking, chronic fatigue syndrome and frequent migraines. If a child experiences symptoms of bruxism, you should contact your pediatrician, who will refer him to other specialists – a neurologist, dentist, ENT specialist or gastroenterologist.

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