Why are black cats considered magical creatures?

Why are black cats considered magical creatures?


02/13/2024 09:02

Cats have been living alongside people for thousands of years. They were first domesticated as useful household helpers: small predators that helped protect crops and grains from rodents, ensuring the survival of our ancestors.

Since ancient times, people have noticed the characteristics of black cats, often attributing to them amazing magical qualities. It was believed that a sorcerer could not do without a black pet, so they were always together. However, few people know why the black cat was considered a “magical friend”, because other animals could also be suitable. But it turned out that black cats help enhance a person’s magical abilities. Even if you are skeptical about esotericism, it is worth noting that the owners of these cats often have well-developed intuition.

Some experts also claim that a black cat can protect a person from harm by removing negative energy from him if hostile intentions are directed towards him. In addition, some esotericists believe that these cats are capable of reflecting magical spells aimed at their owner.

Author Semyon Papinsky

Semyon Papinsky is a student at Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosova, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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