Why breed earthworms on the site and how to do it

Why breed earthworms on the site and how to do it


02/13/2024 13:05

Earthworms, also known as earthworms, are incredibly beneficial creatures to the soil in our gardens. They can significantly improve soil quality and promote plant growth. Why to breed earthworms on the plot and how they can help improve the soil – in the material.

Earthworms play an important role in the cyclical process of nature. They are biodegraders and help break down organic matter in the soil. As worms feed on decayed organic matter, they also mix it into the soil, creating what is called humus. Humus is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for healthy plant growth.

The distribution of earthworms over almost the entire territory of the planet, which makes them a convenient target for breeding on your site. Placing worms in the soil will allow them to reproduce quickly and improve soil quality. Once worms are placed in an area, they can perform their role and provide significant benefits.

So how do earthworms improve soil? They create tunnels, mix the soil and provide better air and water penetration. This reduces the risk of waterlogging and increases the availability of water and nutrients to plant roots.

It is very important to remember that worms also help decompose organic material. Organic matter such as fallen leaves, grass or food debris is enriched by the worms, and their excrement, i.e. humus, contains a large amount of nutrients. It is an ideal fertilizer for your garden and plants.

If you are interested in breeding earthworms on your site, you need to create ideal conditions for their life and reproduction. Earthworms require a moist environment, so regular watering may be necessary during dry periods. They also need shelter to protect them from sunlight and drying out. You can create such shelters using old boards, stones or natural materials.

The search for earthworms for breeding can be started on a ready-made plot of land, or you can buy them in specialized stores. In any case, do not forget that overfertilization of worms may lead to a change in the ecosystem of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to control the number of worms and maintain biological balance in your area.

Keeping earthworms in your garden is a great way to improve soil quality and encourage plant growth. Worms help create a healthy and fertile environment rich in nutrients. Don’t forget their important role in the cycle of nature and attract them to your garden to get wonderful results for your garden.

Breeding worms in the garden

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