Youth reluctance and economic integration in a youth meeting at the Fqih Tetouan Foundation – Today 24

A group of youth officials from the Socialist Union and Progress and Socialism discussed the issue of youth reluctance to engage in political work and other issues at a symposium of the Foundation of the Jurist of Tetouan. This was in the presence of Younis Siraj, the National Secretary of the Socialist Youth, and Fadi Wakili Asrawi, General Secretary of the Federal Youth.

The participants criticized the cancellation of the national youth list, as this mechanism was an opportunity to bring the voice of youth and their issues to the forefront of Parliament.

They raised the absence of the appointment of the Youth Advisory Council and the fragile appointment of the Equality and Equal Opportunities Committees in local communities.

The two young women stressed the importance of progressive youth working on priority youth issues, advocating for national issues, most notably territorial unity inside and outside the country, and paying attention to the university space by framing students politically and culturally, and spreading institutional, party, and union awareness.

Abdul-Ilah Motamed from the Federal Youth and Abdul-Razzaq Zaki from the Youth for Progress and Socialism focused on the manifestations and causes of the political aversion of young people. Including the crisis of the Years of Lead and the period of confrontation between the government and the opposition in the sixties and seventies. Party work is weak today.

In the “Youth and Religiosity” axis, Samiha Lassab from the Federal Youth and Fawzia Harchaoui from the Socialist Youth emphasized the importance of Morocco’s reliance on the authority of the Maliki school of thought.
It emphasized that religiosity is a conscious, free and voluntary practice. We were also alerted to the danger of ready-made fatwas via the Internet.

The participants also discussed the “Youth and Entrepreneurship” axis, and raised the problem of stimulating and creating entrepreneurship and self-initiatives, by presenting economic programs as an opportunity. start; Self-contractor and contractor; With the need to confront nepotism and clientelism that hinder the initiatives of young entrepreneurs.

This symposium comes in the context of rapprochement between the two parties, which resulted in formulating common ground on the horizon of working to form a broad social front to confront what they called “the encroachment of the government coalition.”

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