Zsolt Bayer: “It must be exterminated, just like plague rats”

According to Zsolt Bayer, an opinion leader close to the government, the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Moscow “must be exterminated, just like plague rats”.

Photo: HírTv

Zsolt Bayer is a publicist the bloody terrorist attack in Moscow regarding in his blog he wrote that it is difficult to speak out after the brutal assassination,

if he succeeds, the first word is his condolences. May the Good Lord give peace to the dead, comfort those left behind, the relatives who are in unimaginable pain, and the entire Russian nation.

He added,

the second word is anger. What happened is incomprehensible and unbearable. And I am sure that Allah and his Prophet never, never said that you should go and kill the innocent, the defenseless, the unarmed, among them women and children. In other words, these cowardly rats did not commit this on the prophet’s beard, but on their own beard. These must be eradicated. Yes, just like plague rats. Everywhere they live on this earth.

Thirdly, Zsolt Bayer recommended that everyone watch this video about this cowardly rat.

Watch him tremble in fear. I hope he will rot in a Siberian prison for the rest of his life, where his fellow Russian prisoners will beat him half to death every day for about ten years, and then he will finally die so that the dog will not even remember him. This is the fate of all

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