10 face masks that you should try at least once in your life

10 face masks that you should try at least once in your life


02/13/2024 02:43

Masks are a brilliant invention designed to save human skin from many problems in the shortest possible time. They are a “sos-help” for those who prefer to skip long skin care routines. Here are several mask options that are definitely suitable for such cases:

Gravitymud mask, GlamGlow

  • Photogenic mask, tightens the skin and refreshes the face.
  • The effect of an “instant beauty mask” makes the complexion even.
  • Price: 2,994 rub.

Sparkling face mask Gold Envy, Oribe

  • A golden mask that shimmers like a precious ingot.
  • Designed to maintain skin radiance.
  • Price: 8,010 rub.

Ultra Replenishing Mask, Ultraceuticals

  • Ideal choice for dry skin, restores after stress and fatigue.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and other active ingredients.
  • Price: 6,140 rub.

Night mask My Sleeping Pack, Payot

  • Gives an excellent freshness effect in the morning, does not require rinsing.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid & berry extracts to hydrate & refresh.
  • Price: 1,260 rub.

Firming Remodeling Mask, Eisenberg

  • Tightens the skin and removes signs of fatigue.
  • Ideal before important events.
  • Price: 3,499 rub. (on promotion)

Night mask Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit Au Camelia, Chanel

  • Replaces night cream and salon treatments.
  • Restores skin while you sleep.
  • Price: about 6,306 rub.

Two-component complex of masks Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit, double dare

  • A cure for bruises, gray complexion and swelling.
  • Contains a softening mask with aloe and antioxidants.
  • Price: 648 rub.

Sheet mask Bamboo Shot, Erborian

  • Adheres tightly to the skin and moisturizes well.
  • Prepares skin for makeup.
  • Price: 790 rub.

Rubber Mask Clear Lover, Dr. Jart+

  • Cleanses pores and moisturizes skin.
  • Contains a complex of natural ingredients.
  • Price: 1,300 rub.

Face Gold Foilayer Mask, The Oozoo

  • Fabric mask with foil for maximum fit and enhanced effect of the product.
  • Ideal for getting multiple effects at once.
  • Price: 700 rub.

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