A hiker was found unconscious on the Süperkatlan, he died in the hospital

Tragedy happened on the performance tour.

Image: Tokod Volunteer Firefighters Association / Facebook

One of the participants of the Super Katlan performance tour had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance helicopter – written by on Thursday on the Tokod Volunteer Fire Association’s social page. The man’s circulation collapsed, the other hikers found him unconscious.

After resuscitation, he was taken to the hospital in Tatabánya. THE wrote on Friday that they were informed:

Despite the help, the athlete’s life could not be saved, he died in the hospital.

The participants of the Süperkatlan tour can start on two distances, one of 30 and the other of 15 kilometers. The level time for the former is 8 hours, for the latter 4 hours.

Photo: Tokod Volunteer Firefighting Association / Facebook

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