A statement was made about the return of Alla Pugacheva to Russia

Tamara Globa predicted the imminent return of Alla Pugacheva to Russia.

Tamara Globa predicted the imminent return of Alla Pugacheva to Russia.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Alla Pugacheva he has been living with his family in Israel for two years. People around the singer say that she misses Russia. But no one knows whether the Prima Donna will come back or remain in a foreign land. The famous astrologer Tamara Globa recently made a statement about the singer.

Tamara Globa predicted an imminent return Alla Pugacheva in Russia. The astrologer has known for many years Alla Borisovna. The singer and her daughter Kristina Orbakaite I have repeatedly turned to her for personal forecasts.

So this time, Globa conducted an astrological analysis, which showed her that Pugacheva would soon return to her homeland. “Allah will return. This shows the forecast. It’s all here. This is her air. And there it exists in airless space. Here you live, breathe, you don’t notice the air. But when you suddenly lose it, life becomes impossible,” the expert quotes “AiF”.

According to Globa, many of the forecasts she made for Alla Borisovna, came true. “I have known Alla for a very, very long time. She is a very smart woman. She is a spontaneous Aries. The psychological factor is very strong in her words. She wanted to return to Russia. But she was not accepted. This caused a huge upsurge of feelings and annoyance. But Pugacheva will have one more attempt to return,” the expert added.

Once Tamara even predicted something terrible for the star of the domestic show business. The astrologer prophesied that the artist would die. The celebrity actually almost died from sepsis after surgery.


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