Doctor Volkova spoke about the most dangerous vitamins and dietary supplements for people over 40

Doctor Volkova spoke about the most dangerous vitamins and dietary supplements for people over 40


09.17.2023 21:13

If you choose your own vitamins and dietary supplements (dietary supplements), this can negatively affect your health. A gynecologist warned against dangerous supplements for people over 40 and explained why it is better to avoid using them without consulting a doctor.

Sometimes it happens that a person does not feel very well and, not wanting to see a doctor or not having time for it, begins taking vitamins and supplements on his own in order to maintain the body and achieve the expected results, which are often written about on the Internet.

At first glance, this seems to be a harmless solution: such supplements are sold without a prescription, all the necessary information about them is available in the description, and friends share their positive impressions after taking them, reports But this decision can be called wrong. Doctors warn: unjustified intake of even seemingly harmless vitamins can seriously undermine your health.

Gynecologist Ekaterina Volkova identified three dietary supplements that are not recommended for use without proper medical supervision after reaching the age of 40 years.

Ekaterina Volkova, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, warns that taking these supplements on your own is unacceptable.

“In our body, the complex relationship between the functions of internal organs, microbiota, metabolic processes and genetics affects the body’s ability to absorb various substances, including supplements,” explains gynecologist Ekaterina Volkova.

Therefore, using them without proper understanding of what is happening is strictly not recommended. Let’s look at these dangerous supplements for people over 40:

Vitamin C:

Many people take it as a preventative against viruses. However, it is worth remembering that vitamin C can mobilize iron accumulated in the body and convert it into a form that can harm blood vessels, especially in the presence of chronic inflammatory processes. When dosed correctly, vitamin C can help fight free radicals and protect cells.


Many people consume this fat for a long time. But it’s important to consider that omega-3s also have side effects, including decreased blood clotting. Concomitant use with blood thinning drugs may enhance this effect.


Some people take iron themselves in large doses, even by injection. However, before this, it is worth understanding why the body does not absorb iron and consider the causes of this problem. You can’t ignore them.

You can’t live without this after 40. Vitamins and dietary supplements for women 40+. Gynecologist Ekaterina Volkova.

Curator Elena Andreeva

Elena Andreeva – Deputy Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia – Director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine

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