A traumatologist told how to avoid childhood injuries when sliding down an ice slide


12/29/2023 11:06

Injury sustained by a child during skating on an ice slide, can be very serious. This was recalled by a traumatologist, pediatric orthopedist at Meditsina JSC (academician Roitberg’s clinic), candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Batsalenko.

Children are often injured on slides because basic safety measures are not followed, writes Gazeta.Ru.

“For example, many neglect to even wear a helmet, not to mention knee pads and elbow pads. Or they use an unsuitable helmet that is not able to protect all the necessary areas: the head, ears and chin. And this is very important in case of a possible fall,” said Batsalenko.

The expert added that the cause of injuries on the slide can also be the choice of low-quality sleds, ice skates or tubing, the descent on which is fundamentally unsafe. As a result, both the person riding and other children on the slide who happen to be nearby may be injured.

Batsalenko noted that when going down the slide, it is very important not to rush and let the previous child move a sufficient distance to ensure that a collision is avoided. The distance between children sliding down the slide should be at least several meters.

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