Neural network and prohibition. 7 new words added to the dictionary in 2023

In 2023, the spelling dictionary of the Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) added 150 new words.

Most of them were known and used by many. The dictionary officially enshrines them in the language. has collected seven of the most interesting lexemes.

They say that soon there will be no cinema, no theater, no books, no newspapers… one continuous neural network. And, frankly, it’s not clear whether this is a joke or not. Every day, with the help of such programs, users from all over the world create images, texts – from dissertations to scripts – and videos: just give the neural network a task, and it will start creating on its own. The dictionary also included a derivative: “neural network”.

By the way, the neural network was even recognized as the “word of the year”, according to the portal, the neologism has become so popular.

With its help, they rise high above the ground – to shoot video from a bird’s eye view. The most popular type of this technology is the quadcopter. Copters are used mainly for civilian purposes: for shooting videos and delivering cargo. Another similar device is a “drone,” which is the name given to unmanned aerial vehicles used for military purposes or to solve industrial problems.

A new federal educational program designed to prepare personnel directly “for production.” In fact, a return to the good old system of vocational schools, in which education was received in a fairly short time.

Training in a working profession in such a program takes two years, in a more technologically advanced one – three.

Sanctions and new laws have once again brought back into use the Soviet concept – the word “banned”. In that era, the term denoted works of literature and journalism that were prohibited from publication. In its modern meaning, these are products prohibited for import into Russia from a number of foreign countries.

In parallel with the “ban” there is a “product embargo” – a ban on the import of certain types of products. The prodembargo (food embargo) in Russia has been in effect since 2014. Since then, these measures have been extended every year.

“How to choose a sanctions-independent, secure Russian operating system?” – asks the computer user. Due to the sanctions imposed by the manufacturing country, residents of the Russian Federation have difficulties with updating, blocking of some functions, and data leakage from foreign cloud storages. The pressing question is reflected in the language.

It is a term that refers to a proxy war—one that is fought between two powers through a third party. In politics, the term also refers to proxy war.

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