A union criticizes the Competition Council’s delay in deciding on a complaint that accuses companies of misunderstanding over fuel prices – Today 24

The National Union of Road Transport Professionals, affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, renewed its demand to the head of the Competition Council, Ahmed Raho, to “decide on the complaint of a suspicious understanding regarding fuel prices that has been placed with the Council since November 15, 2016, and not to waste any more time.”

The union explained that, as the complaining party, since 2016, in the suspicion of understandings regarding fuel prices and causing them to rise, representatives of the National Union of Road Transport Professionals in the Democratic Confederation of Labor came to the headquarters of the Competition Council in Rabat, last Thursday, and the content of the complaints directed was reviewed. For players in the fuel sector.

The union indicated its “adherence to the aforementioned complaint, and is urgent to address it as soon as possible and without wasting more time.” The union demands “to return and recall the facts recorded in the records of the investigation services related to the date the complaint was filed in 2016, while adopting the principle of retroactive effect to compensate for the harm that has been caused to professionals since the liberalization of prices until today.”

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