The crew of the plane from Paris forgot 30 passengers at the airport | November 20, 2023

The SunExpress airline plane took off from Paris to Izmir without 30 passengers. About it reports Turkish portal Airporthaber.

The SunExpress flight, which was scheduled to take off from Paris at 17:00 local time, was delayed by three hours. However, passengers waiting at the airport said that even after the departure time, there was no information about this on the airport screens.

The airline’s customers checked the flight status in the mobile application and were horrified to discover that it had already departed. The incident occurred on November 18 at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

As a result, 30 passengers did not get on board the plane. Sunexpress checked them into a hotel and directed them to their next flight.

Recently a mosquito bitten pilot of the plane and disrupted the flight from Amsterdam to Manchester.

Olesya Mayevskaya

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