Add this fruit to your diet and you will easily lose weight

Add this fruit to your diet and you will easily lose weight


03/25/2024 03:20

Nutritionist Kristina Plotnikova said that those who want to lose weight should add green apples to their diet.

According to the specialist, such fruits have lower calorie content compared to red apples. These fruits are very useful for losing weight. Thanks to malic acid, metabolism improves, and polyphenols reduce the amount of fat deposits.

The nutritionist noted that when losing weight you should not give up desserts. You can prepare them using apples without adding sugar. This option will not have a negative impact on your figure.

It is best to eat apples after lunch or breakfast as a snack. They can be added to cottage cheese casseroles, smoothies, pancakes, and cheesecakes.

“Apples also go well with any dairy products, cheese, nuts and herbs,” added Plotnikova.

Specialist Shcherbakov Sergey

Diagnoses and treats the full range of endocrine diseases, including thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus types 1 and 2, obesity, short stature, osteoporosis, problems associated with hair loss, gynecomastia in men

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