Madian freezes his membership as head of the independence team in the House of Representatives due to the “audio recording scandal” – Al-Youm 24

Due to the scandal, the head of the Istiqlal Party’s parliamentary team, Noureddine Madian, decided to freeze his responsibility.

In a statement circulated by the Istiqlal Party on Sunday, “the Secretary-General of the party received a letter from Brother Nour al-Din Madian, a member of the party’s Executive Committee, informing him of his decision to freeze his responsibility as head of the Independence Team for Unity and Equality in the House of Representatives, out of respect for the judiciary, a desire for party reunification, and appreciation.” This is due to the efforts of some party leaders, and so that his responsibility as head of the parliamentary team does not turn into a vehicle for the opponents of the Istiqlal Party to attack and outbid him.”

Most likely, the scandal will eventually destroy Madyan’s position, at a time when his party does not need more problems after an incident where a parliamentarian was smacked by a leader in the party in an altercation early this month during a preparatory meeting for the party conference scheduled for April.

The Istiqlal Party has been trying to settle the problems that have arisen between its members for at least two years, away from punitive measures.

An audio recording attributed to Madyan was leaked, in which he speaks unfriendly about his colleague in the party, Rafia Al-Mansouri, threatening to reveal her secrets. Al-Mansouri began legal proceedings against Madyan because of that recording.

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