After being accused of a violent crime, the former deputy mayor of Győr from Fidesz was completely disappeared

Ákos Radnóti, who works as a member of the Győr city council, announced his resignation after one of his fellow representatives, expelled from the Fidesz faction, posted about corruption.

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According to the news that has been spreading among the people of Győr for months, one of the deputy mayors of the city (whom he did not name) could be linked to a violent crime and became blackmailable.

According to the article, the ruling party politician denied that there was a connection between the registration and his resignation, and claimed that there are no criminal proceedings against him. The official reason for his resignation is that he was given a new task related to the water and tourism development of the city, as tourism and marketing manager. The man has been unavailable since then.

Last December, the Fidesz deputy mayor of Győr, Ákos Radnóti, resigned.

In a statement submitted to Győr City Hall on December 15, 2023, the politician resigned on January 1, 2024, given that “his new assignment is incompatible with his current position.”

“In Győr, water life started with the construction of the Gönyő artefact, which is why the water and tourism development of the city became necessary. In the future, Ákos Radnóti will continue his activities as a tourism and marketing manager, performing operational tasks,” the municipality announced at the time, and then added:

“In recent days, the press has received numerous inquiries about Ákos Radnóti, which the deputy mayor categorically denies.”

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