Agriculture now consumes less than one billion cubic meters of water, compared to between 3 and 5 billion before 2021 – Today 24

The Minister of Agriculture, Mohamed Seddiqi, said today, Monday, that “for two years, we have been producing in the agricultural sector with less than one billion cubic meters of water, instead of 3 to 5 of what agriculture was consuming before 2021.”

In his answer to oral questions in the House of Representatives, my friend explained that “today the markets are well financed, and even disease problems no longer appear,” noting that everything that has been achieved is due to “the flexibility of the Green Morocco Plan and the Green Generation Plan, to implement the agricultural strategy of our country.”

The government official stressed that “the Green Morocco Plan broke with approaches that were partial and came from a comprehensive perspective,” stressing that “the first evaluation must be through comparison with the situation that existed before the start of the implementation of the Green Morocco Plan.”

My friend also said, “Today we are on an important path, as recognized by all the organizations that are making an assessment based on scientific and technical foundations, and on very important indicators, including the demands of our surroundings and the countries of the South.”

The same spokesman said that the current situation is unusual, and “what is strategic cannot be judged by what is circumstantial,” adding, “The problem today is the absence of abundance, and high prices exist of course, and it is a result of the global circumstance and not drought alone.”

The minister believes that no country can produce more than its qualifications regarding sugar, grains, and oils, noting that “our country’s qualifications give us today several directions, chosen by the agricultural policy in our country, by focusing on irrigation due to the fragile, dry nature of our region.”

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