Al-Tawjani is in prison due to accusations he made to officials in the context of the “Escobar of the Desert” file.

On Monday, the trial of a YouTube content creator in Agadir began at the Court of First Instance in Agadir, in the case of his arrest, against the backdrop of two complaints, one of which was filed by a public employee related to defamation, and another complaint was filed against him by Abdel Latif Wehbe, in his capacity as Minister of Justice.

On Monday morning, the judicial police in Agadir arrested Mohamed Reda Al-Tawjni, a well-known activist in the city of Agadir, to listen to him regarding his broadcast of a number of videos related to the “Escobar of the Desert” file, before he was presented before the attention of the Public Prosecution, and he was followed up in case of arrest.

The charges against the aforementioned activist, according to “Al-Youm 24” sources, are mainly related to impersonating a professional position regulated by law, insulting a public employee while carrying out his duties, broadcasting and distributing false allegations and facts with the intention of harming people’s private lives and defaming them, in addition to recording and broadcasting images of a person without his consent.

The court decided to postpone his trial until next Friday, and to place him in the local prison in Ait Melloul.

This activist has constantly suffered from legal prosecutions against him, as this is at least the third time that he has been imprisoned in connection with the tapes that he broadcast on social networks, or in connection with them. He was also imprisoned on charges related to his car, which he usually uses to travel around to film these tapes.

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