Alexander Petrov’s ex-fiancee Stasya Miloslavskaya joked about his wedding

Alexander Petrov and Stasya Miloslavskaya.

Alexander Petrov and Stasya Miloslavskaya.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The sudden wedding of Alexander Petrov has been discussed for days now both in the media and on social networks. The 34-year-old actor announced that he married 22-year-old Victoria Ivanova, whom he met only a few times before the wedding. The news came as a complete surprise to everyone, because for the last three years Petrov lived with actress Stasya Miloslavskaya.

Everyone was sure that Alexander would propose marriage to her. They say that Stasya found out that they were no longer together a few minutes before Petrov’s wedding. The 28-year-old actress has still not commented on her breakup with her lover and his hasty marriage to another. If her lover’s betrayal caused her pain, she tries not to show it. Stasya is holding up well and even jokes about Petrov’s wedding on social networks.

On her page, Miloslavskaya published several photographs in which she poses on the street in an evening dress. “In general, I do what I want!”, she signed the spectacular shots. One of Stasya’s acquaintances wrote a comment under her photo: “I wish I could meet you on the street.” To which Miloslavskaya replied: “Only on the condition that you are from a complete family.” The humorous dialogue directly concerns Petrov’s new wife. Talking about his wedding, Alexander said that he and Victoria met by chance on the street, and that his new chosen one was from a full family.

Photo: social networks.

Photo: social networks.

Petrov and Miloslavskaya met on the set of the film “Streltsov” in 2019. Stasya did not hide that she wanted to start a family with her beloved man.

“He and I have been together for three years. I want to get married, like any other girl. But I haven’t thought about a dress or anything else yet,” said the actress.

In February of this year, the erotic melodrama “Naughty” directed by Dmitry Suvorov was released. Alexander Petrov played the main role in it. The film about the romance between an ambitious student and a construction magnate was replete with sexual scenes. At the premiere, Petrov posed on the red carpet with Miloslavskaya, and journalists did not fail to ask Stasya if she was jealous of her groom’s shooting partner. Alexander himself answered this question for her.

– In the film, of course, there are spicy scenes, so I ask the entire audience not to look at Stasya too much with the thoughts: “How does she look at this?” She looks at it normally. She is an artist, she understands everything,” Petrov assured.

Alexander Petrov's new darling Victoria is 22 years old.  Photo: social networks.

Alexander Petrov’s new darling Victoria is 22 years old. Photo: social networks.

Alexander’s wedding with his new beloved became known on September 15. Many acquaintances of the couple took this news with hostility. Friends of Miloslavskaya actress Kristina Asmus and Alexandra Bortich publicly condemned Petrov and supported Stasya.

Before his affair with Miloslavskaya, Petrov dated actress Irina Starshenbaum. In 2017, they announced preparations for the wedding, but in the end they never got to the registry office. The couple separated two years later.

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