An increase in the price of tickets for Ain Sebaa Park in Casablanca with the reopening of its doors – Today 24

Nabila Rmeili, head of the Casablanca Community, is heading towards an increase in ticket prices for the “Ain Sebaa” park in the city of Casablanca, which is preparing to open its doors to the people of Casablanca as soon as the animals that will settle in this park arrive after being sent by the relevant international associations.

According to sources, the Casablanca Community Council is considering raising the price of the entry ticket to the “Ain Sebaa” park in order to cover the expenses of this facility, which has roots dating back for many years in the metropolitan city, as the price of the ticket at that time did not exceed two dirhams.

Last year, the Casablanca Community set the general entrance fees for this space for adults at 50 dirhams per person, while the entrance fees for children were set at 25 dirhams per child. However, the group, based on the recommendations of the Directorate of Water and Forests, became clear that these prices were insufficient to cover the expenses of this recreational space, not to mention that they would burden Casablanca’s budget.

A number of elected representatives refuse to raise the price of entry to a park, once they inform Al-Rumaili of their readiness to do so, including Karim Klaibi, the first vice president of Ain Sebaa province, and a member of the zoo monitoring committee.

He attributed the reasons for his refusal to do so, in his conversation with “Al-Youm 24”, to the fact that raising the price will make many people in Casablanca deprived of access to this park, in addition to the fact that the purpose of this entertainment park is to provide relief for them and not the other way around.

A member of the Authenticity and Modernity Team who belongs to the majority explained that the majority of the region’s residents belong to middle and poor families, unable to pay a high price in order to acquire tickets.

The Casablanca Community chose the “Dream Village” company to undertake the management of the park under the supervision of the local development company Casablanca for Demonstrations and Activation “Casa Event”.

The group is committed to providing 10 million dirhams to “Casa Event” annually as expenses for running the park for the same company.

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