Anastasia Kostenko answered provocative questions about Dmitry Tarasov


30.12.2023 17:41

Footballer’s wife Dmitry Tarasov – model Anastasia Kostenko, does not hesitate to enter into dialogue with haters and answers even the most tricky questions. Yesterday she held a “Question and Answer” section on her blog, where she rebuffed her ill-wishers.

The first anonymous person said that the model rarely shows her two-year-old son Alexei on the blog, implying that she is “biased” towards him. However, according to Anastasia, the reason is much simpler: the baby simply does not like filming, and she respects his wishes even at such an early age. Kostenko noted that all children are different and do not always want to participate in photo shoots. She also shared that their youngest daughter is Evealso did not like filming at an early age, and similar comments were written to her.

Another subscriber expressed sympathy for Anastasia, claiming that she married a domestic tyrant. She also hinted that she did not want excessive attention from the fair sex to her husband, so she wished everyone to continue to think so.

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