A union demands correcting the course of the successive illegal deductions that affected teachers’ wages – Today 24

The National Labor Union in Morocco called for correcting the course of the successive illegal deductions that affected the wages of all educational families.
In a statement issued by the National Council of the National University of Educational Employees, he called for “fairness to those affected by the outcomes of the sectoral dialogue, which “did not achieve the required fairness for a group of outstanding issues.”
He believes that it has established differentiation between the components of the educational system, especially at the level of primary education teachers, middle secondary school teachers, qualifying secondary school teachers and those excluded from outside the ladder.
And also “professors of cell block 10, professors with degrees, contracted professors and support staff, guidance and planning staff, guidance and planning staff for the 2024 batch and those assigned outside their original frame, and prominent and eminent doctors and educational administrators in conduct and support.”
He also called for accelerating the response to the appeals of the educational administrators (formerly supporting) presented to the attention of the Minister regarding the promotion for the year 2021, and holding the work of equal-member committees to decide on the promotion for the year 2022 for the same body, as well as the educational administrators for the 2020/2022 and 2023 batches and the rest of the joint frameworks in the sector (the administrators). , engineers, technicians, editors, doctors, technical and administrative assistants…).
In addition to inspectors, administration and economic attachés, educational and casual attachés previously, non-formal education activists, suppliers, managers of material and financial departments, professors working in regional centers for education and training professions, failed professors, workers in directorates and academies, and those affected by the delay in passing professional competency.
And also the victims of the two statutes from 1985-2003, the victims of the disciplinary councils due to the strike in 2014, the support frameworks and development institutions, nannies and primary education educators, the victims of the shortage dam, 93/94 cohort, the Amazigh language professors and graduates of teacher training centers, 95/96/97 cohorts, and the doctors affected by the lack of… Announcing the results of the Higher Education Assistant Professor competition for the 2021 session.

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