Another serious accident at the National Theater – This time Gyula Bodrogi broke his left arm

Another accident happened at the National Theatre. This time, the ambulance took Gyula Bodrogi to the hospital after he fell.

The Kossuth-dísz theater artist was personally greeted on Saturday, at the Night of Theaters, on the occasion of his upcoming birthday on April 15, where he arrived with his arm already bandaged. THE found out that the acting giant had recently suffered an accident at the National Theater, as a result of which his left arm was broken.

Gyula Bodrogi had a big fall at the National Theatre, broke his arm/Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

“Unfortunately, I fell. I was coming down the stairs of the theater at the actor’s entrance, when my heel caught and putty, I was already on the ground. This happened about ten days ago”

he told the paper.

It was allegedly discovered in the hospital that one of his bones was cracked. He tried to protect himself while falling, so he palmed down with his left hand, but it hurt his bone. The actor said he is fine, he will be fine soon. Despite the accident, the actor continues to work.

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