The streamer felt sorry for the “earless” terrorist and threatened the special forces with prison

“He belongs in prison as well.” The streamer burst into tears on air because of the “cruelty” of special forces towards terrorists

Streamer by name Nadia Live burst into tears with pity for the Crocus terrorist with the cut off tip of his ear and accused the special forces of cruelty, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports.

Earlier, footage of the detention of terrorists who did not manage to escape in Ukraine spread online. In the video, one of the security forces cuts off a piece of a detained Tajik’s ear and stuffs it into his mouth.

Nadia told subscribers that she was shocked by the cruelty with which the special forces treated the captured terrorist.

“Then I would like to bury my ears… to everyone who did this. This is very tough, guys, very. People were killed, yes, but… I understand, yes… But this man who… the ear of this terrorist didn’t even blink, he the same place in prison,” said the streamer.

Military expert Anton Shchepetnovcommenting on the video, suggested that the content was filmed not on emotions, but to prevent terrorist attacks in certain risk groups, among whom the enemy can recruit criminals.

“Firstly, everyone will see that they talk to animals in animal language, and the most important thing for the image – the Russians don’t give a damn – they promised to wet them in the toilet, look, they wet them right here, right on the spot,” he told the Volgograd News publication “.

The anonymous MK expert, in turn, explained that such interrogation methods are used to quickly obtain information and get Islamic fanatics and other criminals to talk.

“In such situations, believe me, there is no time for the civil rights of terrorists, much less sentimentality,” he said.

Previously expert on international law toldwhy the Crocus terrorists do not face the death penalty.

Author Olga Gladkikh

Olga Gladkikh – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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