Baerbock proposed the European Union to create a new defense alliance

In addition to NATO: Bärbock proposed the European Union to create a new defense alliance


02/12/2024 22:50

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Annalena Burbock stated that the European Union needs its own defense structure, existing in parallel with NATO, but not competing with it.

Berbock made this statement during a meeting with diplomats from France and Poland. The discussion, as TASS writes, was also about support for Ukraine. According to the head of the German Foreign Ministry, by allocating funds to Kyiv, Europe is “investing” in its own defense.

“The billions that we are transferring to Kyiv today are billions that we are investing in our own security,” she said.

Baerbock proposed creating a new defense alliance on the European continent, which would take control of processes related to the purchase of weapons, as well as projects in the defense-industrial complex.

“We must come to a European defense and security union,” the minister emphasized.

She especially noted that such aspirations should not frighten the NATO leadership with possible competition. According to Burbock, the new “alliance” will have to act in “close coordination” with the North Atlantic Alliance.

Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry said that Annalena Bärbock “did not know” about the past of her grandfather, who fought in the Wehrmacht and was a staunch supporter of the ideas of National Socialism.

Author Vitaly Ryzhkov

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