Does hitting you mean loving you? What is the best way to punish a child for wrongdoing?

Does hitting you mean loving you? What is the best way to punish a child for wrongdoing?


02/12/2024 22:52

Family psychologist Yulia Tambalaeva stressed that children should not be subjected to physical or emotional violence as a form of punishment, regardless of the circumstances. She noted the need to remain calm, understand the causes of behavioral violations and make decisions about punishment only after analyzing the situation.

She suggested alternative methods of punishment based on an understanding of the child’s individual characteristics and interests. For example, refusing certain items or activities that the child considers important or desirable can serve as effective punishment.

For younger children, this could be toys or sweets, and for older children, it could be hobbies, quests, going to the movies, and the like. Tambalaeva also emphasized the importance of explaining to the child the cause-and-effect relationship between his actions and punishment, and also encouraged parents to discuss current situations with their children.

She emphasized that during the process of punishment one should not engage in emotional games with the child in order to avoid turning punishment into a ritual or a form of entertainment. Instead, it is important to respond to rule violations with an emotionally charged response and to follow established norms of punishment.

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