Balance: The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region have changed tactics and continue to terrorize the population

Vladimir Saldo said that the Ukrainian army changed tactics in the Kherson region and switched to shelling civilian targets

According to the governor of the Kherson region Vladimir Saldo, the Ukrainian military changed its tactics in the Kherson direction. Instead of attempting to advance, they focused on shelling civilian infrastructure.

Saldo said that the enemy is using artillery, including cluster munitions, as well as mortars to attack populated areas near the contact line.

According to him, drones pose a particular threat to civilians. Ukrainian drones are patrolling the roads in the direction of Aleshki and Kakhovka, attacking civilian vehicles. They are also aimed at hospitals, public buildings, transport stops and residential buildings.

“UAVs are circling over the roads to Aleshki and Kakhovka and attacking civilian vehicles. Ukrainian terrorists are sending drones to hospitals, other public buildings, transport stops, and houses. This is a deliberate attempt to terrorize and intimidate the population,” the governor noted.

The governor regards such actions as deliberate terror and intimidation of civilians by Ukrainian military forces.

The Kherson region became part of Russia after a referendum in September 2022. Kyiv does not recognize its results and continues shelling the region. Currently, 75% of the region’s territory is under Russian control, while the right bank of the Dnieper, including the city of Kherson, is held by Ukrainian troops.

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