Cadi Ayyad University ranks 27th in Africa and 30th in the Arab world – Today 24

Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh advanced ahead of Mohammed V University in Rabat and Hassan II University in Casablanca, according to the “Web Matrix” classification of higher education for the best universities in the world, during the last half of the current year.
Cadi Ayyad University ranked 27th in Africa and 30th in the Arab world, ahead of Tanta University in Egypt and Qassim University in Saudi Arabia.
While it was ranked 1314 among the best international universities, according to this new classification, which ranked 31,000 universities in more than 200 countries according to indicators that measure the virtual presence of universities, through their locations and indicating the percentage of clarity and transparency and the strength and excellence of scientific research.
This classification is based on three indicators: “excellence, influence, and openness.” It also bases its evaluation on the activities of universities that appear on the Internet, global platforms, and their websites.
In addition to a number of standards, including the number of research, studies, and reports published electronically, the size and impact of the university’s web pages, and the extent to which the university’s name is used, external links, search engines, and others.
Since 2011, Cadi Ayyad University has made scientific research the basis of its success, and a lever to enhance its reputation and national and international radiance, according to the university’s administration.

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