“CAN 2025” in Morocco poses challenges regarding its date between “FIFA” and “CAF” – Today 24

Some press reports indicated that FIFA had proposed to its African counterpart three dates for holding the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2025, given that its date is in the summer and would coincide with the Club World Cup in its new version with the participation of 32 teams.

In this regard, Egyptian journalist Mohamed Saeed indicated, through his “Trend” program, which is broadcast on Al-Ahly channel, that a “FIFA” official suggested to “CAF” that the African Cup of Nations finals be held in March 2025, or the last week of July, during The same year, or January 2026.

The same source added that there are 10 African teams that will face the absence of the 40 most prominent players due to the players’ participation in the Club World Cup, explaining at the same time that the closest date to be agreed upon for organizing the “CAN” is the last week of July 2025.

In the same context, the “Koora” website said that Infantino spoke at length with Lakjaa, and suggested to him, in the presence of Motsepe, that the tournament be held either in March 2025, or postponed to January 2026.

The same source added that the FIFA president did not receive a decisive response from Lakjaa, who insists that Morocco host the tournament in the summer, coinciding with the Throne Day celebrations in July, and also to ensure the success of the demonstration in light of the good weather condition, unlike the winter.

The source explained that the FIFA President confirmed that if the Cannes Championships and the Club World Cup are played in the summer of 2025, he will have to hold a meeting with the European Union to convince it to delay the start of the European leagues until September of the same year.

According to the same source, Infantino stressed that the decision must be soon, so that the match calendar can be determined accurately, because the summer of 2026 will witness America hosting the World Cup for national teams.

The source concluded that Infantino is living in a spiral due to his inability to amend the history of the Club World Cup in its new form, due to sponsorship and television broadcast contracts, and his agreement with the major European clubs that have determined their preparation program for this period.

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