Moscow State University scientists included the USA and Great Britain in the list of countries that “buy” slaves

Russian scientists named the countries that participate in the international slave trade system


02/13/2024 15:39

The study, conducted by MSU geographers, presented a map of modern slavery based on analysis of data from various sources, including the Global Slavery Index, international labor and migration organizations, and reports from the Australian Walk Free Foundation.

One of the key conclusions of the study, published in the collection Evolutionary Regional Studies: Theory and Practice, is that slavery has now become a “social norm” for certain countries.

Some of the world’s richest and most successful states have been found to be the main customers and exploiters of slavery, undermining the stereotypes about slavery associated only with less developed countries, reports Around the World.

Researchers have identified three main groups of states involved in the international slave market: donor countries, transit countries and recipient countries. Countries in Africa, South and East Asia, and the Pacific region belong to the group of donor countries. Transit countries through which slave “goods” are transported are located in the central parts of the continents and include the countries of Central America, Central Europe and Central Asia. Recipient countries that are the main recipients and exploiters of slavery include states such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is interesting to note that some countries, such as India, China, Mexico and Afghanistan, are both donors and recipients in the system of slavery. This is due to the large population and geographical location of these countries, which are located between key participants in the slave trade.

Separately, countries are highlighted that find themselves on the outskirts of the slave trade due to their distance from the main supply routes. These countries include Australia, Oceania and some Latin American countries such as Chile. In these regions, it is unprofitable to use slave labor due to the peculiarities of the geographical location.

The study highlights that even politically and socially developed countries remain part of the criminal system of slavery. The slave trade system is adapting to modern challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and remains profitable.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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