Catastrophically unfavorable days: when magnetic storms in January 2024

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Geomagnetic storms, like other natural phenomena, have a significant impact on the inhabitants of our planet. This period is especially difficult for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia and overweight. To minimize your impact, you need to monitor and be prepared for magnetic storm forecasts. When to expect unfavorable days in January 2024 and what danger solar flares pose for weather-sensitive people – in the Izvestia article.

Geomagnetic storms in January 2024

A magnetic storm is a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by coronal mass ejections. It usually begins when a solar wind shock wave reaches the ionosphere. The frequency of geomagnetic storms increases and decreases with the sunspot cycle. Storms last between 24 and 48 hours, although some can last up to several days. Consequences include disruption of communication and navigation systems, intense auroras, damage to satellites, and during the most extreme storms there are fears of induced currents in power lines and pipelines that lead to power outages.

The state of the magnetosphere is described by the K-index, calculated from ground-based magnetic field measurements ranging from 0 to 9. The value is derived from the maximum fluctuations of the horizontal components observed on the magnetometer during a three-hour interval. The power of geomagnetic storms is also measured on a five-digit scale – from G1 to G5. This designation is often used by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The phenomena of the first two levels are considered weak and do not affect the planet; storms G4 and G5 are powerful magnetic storms.

In 2024, the strongest geomagnetic disturbances, according to IKI and ISPF forecasts, will occur on January 1 and 15 and will reach four points (according to the K-index). Geomagnetic disturbance will be felt by many people with weather sensitivity. Severe headaches, pressure changes and deterioration in general health are possible. But already on January 2, the impact of the magnetic storm will decrease to three points. Magnetic storms of the second level are predicted from January 3 to January 7. The period from January 8 to January 10 will be characterized by solar flares with a power of three points. January 11-13 unrest can reach two points, but on January 14 the strength of geoimpacts will again increase to three.

Magnetic storms in January 2024: impact on humans

According to various sources, from 50 to 70% of the planet’s population are predisposed to the negative influence of magnetic storms. However, there is no consensus among researchers about whether magnetic storms have an impact on people’s overall health. So, if some scientists explain the deterioration in health by the fact that when the Earth’s magnetic field changes in the body, capillary blood flow slows down, others note the absence of changes in human health.

Magnetic storms are most dangerous for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypotension and hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia and mental disorders. In a conversation with Izvestia, Veronika Lisitskaya, a therapist from the BestDoctors group, confirmed that magnetic storms should not cause any negative reactions in a healthy person. According to the expert, the appearance of unwanted symptoms may indicate the presence of certain diseases. Therefore, if your general health deteriorates during the period of an astronomical phenomenon, you should undergo a medical examination.

It is believed that sudden changes in weather conditions and geomagnetic disturbances are one of the most difficult periods for weather-dependent people. During magnetic storms, migraines and sleep disturbances may occur, general well-being worsens, irritability, fatigue and apathy increase, and pain in the joints and muscles worsens. Each person’s body reacts differently to magnetic storms, so individual symptoms can vary significantly.

In turn, Andrei Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care of the Moscow Department of Health, notes that weather-dependent people and people with chronic diseases need to monitor the approach of magnetic storms and postpone activities in advance that require high concentration, avoid stress and reduce physical activity .

In addition, the doctor advises giving up coffee in favor of herbal teas, drinking more clean water, and not drinking alcohol. Drivers are advised to be more careful on the road or temporarily avoid driving. Andrey Tyazhelnikov also recommends that people with high blood pressure reduce the amount of salt in their diet, as it retains fluid in the body.

According to the general opinion of experts, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of proper and healthy nutrition, and it is better to avoid foods high in dyes and preservatives. It is necessary to follow all prescriptions made by the attending physician. It is worth remembering that self-medication is dangerous to health and can only worsen the symptoms.

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