The doctor told how not to get food poisoning from the New Year’s table


12/30/2023 09:26

Chief freelance specialist in infectious diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, doctor Irina Shilkina advised to carefully monitor the freshness of products and dishes that are eaten in New Year holidays.

It is important to monitor the expiration date of the products you purchase and not stock up on products that will soon expire.

“When buying ready-made canned food, fish, meat or confectionery products in a store, carefully study the expiration dates and storage conditions of the products. Do not purchase products with a limited shelf life for the entire New Year holidays,” said Shilkina, who was quoted by Vesti Podmoskovya.

In addition, it’s definitely not worth preparing food for the entire New Year holidays, the expert noted. Food should be fresh and should not be stored for more than one or two days.

In addition, you should not go to bed without putting ready-made meals in the refrigerator, the doctor added. Cooked food should not sit on the table all night, Shilkina added.

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