Chekalinia bloggers did not appear in court in the divorce case

“Fake?”: Chekalinia bloggers did not appear in court in a divorce case

Blogger Valeria Chekalina (Lerchek) and her husband Artem did not appear at the court hearing in the divorce case. Izvestia writes about this.

It is reported that the lawyers of the social network stars did not appear at the trial.

At the end of February, the blogger made it clear to the public that, amid a criminal case, she was going through a difficult period in her relationship with her husband. Later it became known that the mother of many children filed a lawsuit for divorce.

On the birthday of his youngest son Lev, Artem Chekalin presented his wife with a watch worth three million rubles with an engraving: “Thank you for the children. Artem.”

Previously actress Agniya Kuznetsova showed off her figure in sportswear.

Author Alexander Shevtsov

Alexander Shevtsov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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