Congressional support for Israel allows more innocent people to be killed in the Gaza Strip – Today 24

Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders criticized Congress’ support for Israel in its war on the Gaza Strip, considering that it allows it to buy more bombs to settle Gaza and kill innocent Palestinians.

During a congressional session regarding the bill he submitted to cut off the US administration’s military support for Israel, Sanders criticized both the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Congress.

He said in his speech that “Congress is preparing to provide another $14 billion in military aid to Netanyahu’s right-wing government,” and thus Netanyahu “will be allowed to buy more bombs to level Gaza and kill thousands more innocent people.”

Sanders recalled Netanyahu’s words that he would crush the people in Gaza by “dividing them into small pieces,” and said, “The question that we Americans and Congress need to ask is how many other children and innocents will be subjected to repression by Netanyahu at this stage?”

He added that the “massacre” in Gaza must end immediately, saying, “President (US Joe) Biden is right. This must end, and this is in our hands, but Congress is now preparing to provide another $14 billion in military aid to the Netanyahu government.”

Sanders stressed that the aid that will be transferred to Netanyahu will only mean the death of more women and children, and said, “Do we really want to reward Netanyahu, who completely ignores everything the American president wants him to do?”

He continued: “Do we really want to provide more support to the leader of the most right-wing and extremist government in the history of Israel? He is the man who devoted his political career to destroying the two-state solution proposal.”

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip that, as of Monday, left “28,340 martyrs and 67,984 injured, most of them children and women,” in addition to thousands missing under the rubble, according to Palestinian and UN data, which led to Israel being tried for “crimes.” “Annihilation” for the first time since its founding.

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