Deadly rally race – Testimony of an eyewitness: “Two gentlemen passed away in our hands, it will be very difficult for us to process this”

An eyewitness made a broken statement after the weekend’s Esztergom-Nyerges Rally, while the Komárom-Esztergom County Police Headquarters initiated criminal proceedings regarding the tragedy that occurred at yesterday’s 11th Esztergom-Nyerges Rally, which resulted in four deaths.

As mentioned earlier also reported, four people died on Sunday at the Esztergom-Nyerges Rally after one of the cars skidded and crashed into the spectators. Shortly after the tragic accident, ambulances and rescue helicopters appeared on the scene.

The R5 Skoda Fabia that caused the accident Photo: MTI

Three men and one woman lost their lives in the tragic accident, while one child was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition, while one adult was seriously injured and six others, including a child, were taken for treatment with minor injuries.

An eyewitness told M1: “Unfortunately, two gentlemen passed away in our hands, and it was very difficult to cope with the events. Especially with the fact that one of the family members kept begging us to bring him back”.

“I think that it will be very difficult for us to process this, and I really wish the family members to try to calm down… in this… I can’t say anything. It was very difficult on the spot”

Peter added.

Gréta Racsné Galambos, spokesperson of the Komárom-Esztergom County Police Headquarters related to the matter to contact he said that Proceedings were initiated against an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of committing the offense of reckless endangerment in the course of employment, causing a fatal mass accidentand so far no one has been questioned as a suspect.

The police stated that the accident occurred in an area closed to spectators, and a sign warned against staying there.

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