Engineers in the Ministry of Justice ask Wehbe to pressure the Ministry of Finance to agree to pay compensation – Today 24

Engineers of the Ministry of Justice wrote to Minister Abdel Latif Wehbe regarding the approval of incentive compensation from the special account of the Court Support Fund for the benefit of female and male engineers of the Ministry of Justice.

The 52 engineers who signed the correspondence, “See Today 24,” expressed their dissatisfaction with what they called the “negative attitude” faced by the Ministry of Finance and the Delegate Ministry in charge of the budget. “The Minister pleaded with the two ministries in order to respond to the engineers’ demand, which is to issue a new decree.” It approves incentive compensation for the benefit of engineers from the special account of the support fund (the courts take into account the amounts stated in Decree 500.10.2).”

The aforementioned correspondent indicated that “the two aforementioned ministries are preparing to issue a new statute for all their employees, including even engineers,” while “the two ministries continue to confront the demands of the engineers and Wehbe pleaded for his acknowledgment of rejection and response, despite the meager financial impact of his approval (7) million dirhams annually.”

The same source asked the Minister of Justice to “pray vigorously for the response of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Delegate Ministry in charge of the budget by approving incentive compensation for their benefit according to amounts starting from the amounts contained in Decree 500.10.2, taking into account the increase in purchasing power since 2011, and consistent with the grave challenges we face in the justice sector.”

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