Everyone, get your wallets ready – These vegetables will be priced at a hefty price this Easter

As Easter approaches, the market’s range of vegetables also expands, and fresh, spring vegetables come to the fore. In addition to the traditional Easter dishes – ham, eggs, bread – vegetable bowls and salads are appearing in more and more households, which are not only tasty, but also an excellent choice in terms of healthy nutrition.


According to experts, it is worth including seasonal vegetables in the Easter menu, such as radishes, spring onions and horseradish, which cannot be missed on the Easter table. These vegetables are rich in minerals and fibers and fill the body with vitamins, thus supporting the optimal functioning of the immune system.

However, the price of vegetables is also an important consideration for customers. Based on the data of the Agricultural Information Portal, we find the following prices in rural consumer markets:

• Horseradish: HUF 2,500-3,000/kg

• Monthly radishes: HUF 300-350/kg

• Ice pops: HUF 400/kg

• Munich beer radishes: HUF 250-600/kg

• Black radishes: HUF 480-500/kg

• Spring onions: HUF 300-400/kg

These prices show a significant increase compared to previous years, which can be a challenge for families.

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