Evgenia Medvedeva told what bad habits she dreams of getting rid of


12/29/2023 19:15

Famous figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva admitted that she, like many others, has bad habits.

The athlete, by her own admission, dreams of getting rid of these habits.

First of all, Medvedeva does not like the way she behaves when she is very tired.

“I really like to whine. When I get very tired, I start to be capricious. I myself feel disgusted. I turn into a slimy snail that I don’t want to touch. I want to whine and complain less,” Medvedeva said in an episode on the YouTube channel “This is football, brother !”.

The skater also admitted that she often bites her lips hard until they bleed.

In addition, knowing her love for social networks, Medvedeva, not trusting her willpower, set a limit of 1.5 hours a day, after which access to social networks is blocked for her.

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