Fake crimes to increase the number of views put the “Momo” program on “Hit Radio” under investigation – Al-Youm 24

The State Authority of the Judicial Police in the city of Casablanca opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, last weekend, to identify all those involved in fabricating a fictitious crime and publishing false news, which the State Authority said “affects the sense of security of citizens through information systems, and insults an organized body through Making false statements.”

A report from the Casablanca security mandate explained that the city’s security services “reacted very seriously to a phone call received by a private radio station, speaking about the circumstances of an alleged theft and the supposed inaction on the part of the security services.”

The security department stressed that this phone call “was treated as a report of a real crime, and opened a judicial investigation regarding it for the purpose of arresting the suspects and determining the necessary legal responsibilities.”

However, the research carried out, according to the same source, “in coordination with the interests of the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance, showed that the person calling had assumed a false identity, fabricated a fake theft with the participation of a second person, had not consulted any security agency, and that he had obtained the phone for the purpose of achieving personal benefits and raising money.” From the views of the aforementioned radio.”

Continuing investigations into this case, the same source added, enabled “the arrest of the second participant in committing these criminal acts, which affect the sense of security and public tranquility, and who was found to have previously carried out several similar fraudulent operations according to the same criminal method.”

The State Judicial Police Service continues its research into this case under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, as precise digital experiments are currently being conducted for the purpose of verifying the possibility of incitement or prior coordination between the two suspects and the program crew that received this call, which included material and moral foundational elements for a number of punished crimes. Legally required.

The story began when the activist Muhammad Bousfiha, nicknamed “Momo,” and one of the listeners of his program, on a private radio station, received a call from someone, but the caller’s voice suddenly cut off, and the sound of running and screaming was heard, and the phrase “iPhone” was heard, which Momo interpreted as a theft occurring live.

A few minutes later, the victim of the fabricated theft called back to the program, confirming that his phone had in fact been stolen in the Oulad Ziane area by two thieves, amid a change in the features of “Momo” and his companions in the aforementioned program, which expresses shock and astonishment at the supposed theft incident.

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