Finding a stolen car will become easier


12/29/2023 15:21

Tests of the innovative mobile complex “Rozysk-Nano”, designed to identify stolen vehicles in traffic, have started in the Lipetsk and Kursk regions. This project is being implemented by the Ruselectronics holding, part of the Russian Technologies structure, and is aimed at supporting the work of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The device is integrated into patrol cars and can be used both on the move and in a parking lot. This is a completely domestic development that has no analogues on the market.

The kit includes a tablet, specialized software and a compact photocomputing module that can be easily installed on a patrol car without the need to make changes to its design. The complex recognizes license plates and makes a request to the search database. If there is a match, “Rozysk-Nano” instantly notifies about the presence of the wanted vehicle, giving traffic police officers the opportunity to identify the vehicle in traffic and stop it. In addition, the device is capable of identifying vehicles belonging to persons deprived of the right to drive a car.

“Rozysk-Nano” creates a database containing information about all recognized license plates, and also saves photographs of vehicles indicating the date, time and location.

The complex also provides the ability to track the movements of traffic police patrol vehicles and save the history of their routes. Upon completion of the tests, a decision will be made to introduce similar systems for use by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

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