Gábor Reviczky returned to the stage and made a heartbreaking announcement!

After more than a year, the Imaginary Patient was played again at the Pest Theater, starring Gábor Reviczky.

Photo: MTI/Tamás Vasvári

“I can proudly say that it was a huge success,” said a For pepper after the return, Gábor Reviczky.

“It was a very serious, intellectual audience, who took the play’s humor seriously. I admit that by the end I was more tired than before my illness, but you know, it’s a kind of very pleasant tiredness. I love this role, this play. Imagine, it will soon become a world record , we’ve been playing for 24 years, I’ve been playing, although first I didn’t play it for two years because of Covid, and then last year it wasn’t on the show because of my illness. That’s why I had to concentrate a lot, I didn’t want to let my colleagues or the viewers down, even though I didn’t even look at the script, which, by the way, wasn’t there from the beginning. But this role is so mine that it seems there’s no need for it!”

the actor added.

They were also asked about what new play he is preparing for. He gave a heartbreaking answer to all this.

“I’m not preparing for a new play anymore, I don’t want it! I wouldn’t be able to go through a whole rehearsal process, I won’t be the same as before my illness and I’ve accepted that. I’ll continue what was, next to the Imaginary Patient, here’s the Jungle Book, in which Balut I’m acting, but for the sake of safety, we’re taking it in a double role. I have a lot of work, movies, dubbing, and by the way, I took it back from that too. But luckily, I’m fine! I realized that you shouldn’t take this seriously, you shouldn’t even think about it!”

Gábor Reviczky told the newspaper.

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