recommendations from a lawyer specializing in housing and communal services

What should residents do if the wall in their apartment is cracked: recommendations from a lawyer specializing in housing and communal services

If a crack has formed in the apartment, you need to immediately report it to the management company, advised the head of the department of legal support for disputes in the field of housing and communal services and real estate management of the law group “Yakovlev and Partners” Sergey Sergeevanswering a question from a reader of RIA Real Estate.

“However, further developments will depend on the scale of the tragedy,” he emphasized.

If the crack can be repaired as part of ongoing repairs, the management company will undertake the work.

“If she evades, she can be forced to carry out repairs through the court. You can also contact the housing inspectorate,” the lawyer added.

If serious repair work is required, to the extent of a major overhaul, it all depends on where the funds for it are accumulated.

If contributions are accumulated in a special account, in agreement with the residents, the management company takes a portion from there and hires contractors to repair the crack.

If money for major repairs goes to the general fund, he must do this at the request of the management company. Representatives of the overhaul fund will conduct a commission inspection and, if deemed necessary, will introduce extraordinary work into the overhaul program of your home.

“But again, the management organization will be responsible for the safety and comfort of the owners of the premises,” Sergeev clarified.

Author Sergey Kobin

Sergey Kobin – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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