Gardener Voronova advised how to easily and conveniently set up a vegetable garden on the balcony

Gardener Olga Voronova advises giving preference to low-growing annual flowers, as well as peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in the balcony garden.


03/25/2024 11:12

Expert of the Union of Gardeners of Russia and TV presenter Olga Voronova shared with Pravda. Ru information about growing garden crops on the balcony.

Bright, unpretentious annual flowers are a hit in balcony “garden areas,” the expert believes.

“Our favorite petunia, always hang it or place it, nasturtium is very good on the balcony, viola, also known as pansies, daisies of all kinds, lobelia looks great on the balcony, calendula is very beautiful and useful, maybe pelargonium, also known as geranium, Dwarf Zinnias: These flowers are very easy to grow.

A person can even go on vacation. You just need to water it well. And nothing like that will happen,” Olga Voronova listed the most optimal flowers for planting in balcony “beds.”

Of course, there won’t be enough for canning, but harvesting vegetables for a seasonal salad from the “vegetable garden” on the loggia is quite possible, the gardener is sure.

“Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers – you just need to choose varieties and hybrids that indicate that they are suitable for either balcony or home cultivation. They are smaller, more compact. Home balcony ones have the property that they are somehow more drought-resistant endure, and these are all sorts of emergency conditions,” the expert explains the choice of “balcony” vegetable crops.

The expert names several factors as the main secrets of a good harvest grown on a balcony.

“There must be enough land. Vegetables are not flowers. Therefore, at least 5 liters in a pot, and preferably 10 liters. 10 liters is like a galvanized bucket. In small indoor pots, seedlings will grow, but there will be no harvest.

The second is fertilizers. It is imperative to fertilize once every two weeks. Don’t forget about watering. If a person is leaving for a long time, then you just need to mix granules into the ground so that the moisture lingers longer and is enough for the time when the person left,” the gardener recommended.

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