“Give up his last name!”: The psychologist advised Vadim Kazachenko’s young wife to make peace with her ex

Olga Kazachenko alone is raising her 6-year-old son Philip from her marriage to Vadim Kazachenko.

Olga Kazachenko alone is raising her 6-year-old son Philip from her marriage to Vadim Kazachenko.

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About Olga Kazachenko the country found out under not the most pleasant circumstances when the girl separated from her husband, a famous artist in the 90s Vadim Kazachenko.

The reason for the divorce, alas, is banal – Kazachenko left his pregnant wife for another woman, for his director Irina Amanti.

Now most of the difficulties are behind us. Olga alone is raising her and Vadim’s 6-year-old son Philip. True, the artist has never seen his son and has not yet shown any initiative to communicate with the baby.

The musician only pays his ex-wife modest alimony in the amount of 15 thousand rubles. It’s clear that Olga works part-time, but mostly takes care of everyday life and raising her son. It is not easy for a young mother to live on such modest money.

That is why Olga turned to the famous constellation psychologist and TV presenter Yulia Khadartseva, who advises many celebrities: Yana Rudkovskaya, Irina Dubtsova, Alexey Vorobyov and many other top stars.

Olga came to Yulia on the eve of a big psychologist’s evening, which will take place on September 28 at Crocus City Hall. By the way, other star clients of Khadartseva will also perform there: Vorobyov, Dubtsova, Seryabkina.

– And you come there with your ex-husband! – Yulia Khadartseva immediately suggested to Olga.

– Julia, you must be joking! How will I come with him? We don’t even communicate! – Olga was surprised.

– So call him! Take my example. By the way, my ex-husband will come to this performance. And for you and Vadim, in order for you both to be happy and earn good money, you need to forgive each other and bless each other for a new life. Hatred and anger never led to anything good.

– That a bad peace is better than a good war is for sure! Yes, and there is no hatred in me and never was. At one time there was surprise and bewilderment. But that’s in the past. Yes, and we lived normally, we had a wonderful relationship. Vadim was a good husband, but what happened next is a completely different story, which, fortunately, is already in the past,” says Olga Kazachenko.

– Why do you still bear his last name? In order for your personal and financial life to get better, you need to go and change your documents tomorrow.

– I’ll try to do this in the near future, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but all the fuss with documents stopped me.

– And in general, you need to make peace with your ex. It is necessary! Call, write, whatever!

– Well, how can I call him, what will I say… Although my son has already grown up and it’s time to end and forget all these showdowns. But morally it’s very difficult,” Olga sighs.

– Of course, I would like Vadim to meet Philip and communicate with him. But on the other hand, I understand that he is now 6 years old, he is already an adult, he feels everything. And Vadim is not eager. By the way, we only say good things about his father… But imagine what will happen if Vadim meets the child once and simply loses interest… And I actually understand him in this, it happens… But Philip understands everything and will worry. But I’ll think about it… – Olga Kazachenko agreed with the psychologist.

– If you don’t talk to Vadim, this may affect your relationship with your son in the future. Do you sometimes get angry with your child?

– No, on the contrary, I look at my son and think: he is perfect. Handsome, smart. I swear if he acts like a hooligan and stands on his head. And so I look at him, admire him and think: “How cool you are! – Olga Kazachenko shared.

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