Glossary of Softball Terms You Need to Know

Jakarta – Softball or also known as softball is a small ball game that is played in groups. The number of softball players in one team consists of nine players.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) Online, softball is a baseball sport that is played on a smaller field, players throw the ball with their arms swinging below.

The nine players on a softball team have their respective tasks. In practice, softball matches are played by two teams or teams facing each other.

While the goal of the game of softball is to hit the ball with a bat before the players try to run to the four points.

The game of softball is a development of similar sports, namely baseball or hardball.

So, before jumping in and playing softball directly on the field, it is recommended that you first know the terms in the game.

The following is a list of terms in softball that you need to know, quoted from the Gurumapel page, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

Glossary of Terms in the Game of Softball

1. Bat is a bat or stick to hit in a softball game.

2. Glove is a glove used in softball games.

3. Batter up the point is to call the attacking players to take the batting position (batter).

4. On-deck means to call the next beater to be ready in the space provided (on-deck).

5. Strike is when a pitcher (bubbler) tosses the ball with a good ball position, but a batter (batter) cannot hit the ball or give up opportunities.

For a batter only given three chances to strike, the way of mention is strike one (failed to hit once), strike two (failed to hit three times) and the last is batter out (failed to hit three times).

6. Ball is the term used when a pitcher fails to properly bounce the ball. The ball can only be played four times.

7. Forced out is forced to die.

8. Body protectors are body protectors used in softball games.

Glossary of Terms in the Game of Softball

9. The mask is a face shield in softball.

10. Change is a term for the exchange of players from defenders to attackers and vice versa from attackers to defenders.

11. Down is a term used when an attacker dies or falls.

12. Point is the mention of the number obtained.

13. Uniform is the term for the clothes worn in softball.

14. Batter out is the term used if a player fails to hit the ball three times or is killed by a defender either by catching the ball or by touching the ball to the attacking player’s body.

15. Hit is a term for a punch.

16. Home plate is the name of the place where we stand on each base.

Glossary of Terms in the Game of Softball

17. Home run is the term used if you are able to hit the ball so that it goes beyond the bounds of the field so that the batter can run and re-enter without being interrupted by other batters.

18. Infield is guarding the area in the field.

19. Outfield is guarding the area outside the field.

20. Inning is the mention of each round or innings (one batting turn and one shift).

21. Sliding is a technique to stop at the base while dropping the body so as not to be hit by TIK.

22. Runner is the designation for runners 1, 2, 3, and so on.

23. Umpire is the term for the main referee.

24. The pitcher is the ball bouncer.

Glossary of Terms in the Game of Softball

25. Catcher is a rear guard (catcher).

26. Batter is a player whose turn it is to hit.

27. Bunt is a punch that is done without using a swing.

28. Base umpire is the term for the base guard umpire.

29. Play ball is an order from the referee to start the game.

30. Free walking is free running without distraction.

31. Batter box is a place where the beaters stand.

32. Strike fault is a term for a wrong strike

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