Softball Senior Reunion Event

SAMARINDA CITY. Do not want to be outdone by circumstances and continue to innovate. This method is used by the Samarinda All-Indonesian Baseball and Softball Association (Perbasasi) to outsmart the lack of coaching budgets. After successfully holding the Baseball League for Kids for the second time last October, Perbasasi Samarinda is again holding a slowpitch tournament. A softball game that has been modified in several ways. Like the pitcher’s main throw, it is made to bounce and slow, making it easier to hit.

Slightly different from the firmer softball throw. “Slowpitch is currently booming, especially in Jakarta. So it is more recreational, it is usually played by the community or offices, to fill their free time,” explained the Head of Perbasasi Samarinda, Izrulsyah Effendy. The slowpitch tournament is planned to be held on January 6-8 2023. It is said that Fendy – Izrulsyah Effendy’s nickname – the competition will be attended by 8 clubs from several cities and districts in East Kalimantan.

“Hopefully the chairman of the KONI of East Kalimantan will be able to open it later and be attended by the chairman of the Perbasasi Pengprov,” said Fendy.
He explained this slowpitch competition can be held with the support of sponsors. Something that is already common in Jakarta, so it can be said that it has led to the sports industry. “The direction is indeed there, it’s just that it might be a bit difficult to implement in East Kalimantan, due to the lack of facilities. Moreover, the existing field cannot be used at night,” he explained.

The East Borneo Slowpitch Tournament, which will be held at the Segiri Samarinda Baseball Field, is more aimed at hospitality and recreation. “While celebrating the new year, we gather seniors to remember this sport that has raised us,” said Fendy.

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